As one of the most popular immigration destinations Canada does not only offer you beautiful scenery but also as safe and secure environment. Canadians are known as the Happy Nation due to their friendly and kind demeanour. This will ensure that you and your family will feel welcome from the moment you arrive. 

Canada has long realized the benefits skilled immigrants can bring to their country in particular, their economy. Their sensible and fair immigration policy gives anyone truly willing to make a successful life in Canada a good chance of achieving their goals. As a result, Canadians are able to travel the world relatively free, safe in the knowledge that they will be welcomed anywhere they go.

Below are a few reasons to immigrate to Canada.

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safety & security 

The low crime rate is envied around the world, especially by its Southern neighbour the USA. Violent crime is extremely rare and gun ownership is almost four times lower than the US. According to Numbeo Canada’s crime rate of 39.28% is a far cry lower than South Africa’s 75.71 %. The safety rate in Canada is far higher at 60.72% in comparison to South Africa’s 24.29 %.

education & schooling

Canada is an ideal destination for immigrants with children. Public schooling in Canada has scored high in international student assessments and is free to all children living in Canada as Permanent Residents or Citizens of this fair country. Canada values education and has long ensured all young citizens have access to the best schooling available no matter what their background. The government spends more per capita on education than any other country in the world. Children from the age of 5 years old can attend kindergarten. The Canadian School system and curriculum varies from province to provinces.

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Oak Tree Immigration Canada Healthcare


Canada’s healthcare system is one of the fairest and most accessible in the world. Canada has a publicly funded health insurance system, known as “Medicare”, which is financed through taxes. Each province and territory has its own health insurance plan and its own specific regulations. The public healthcare system ensures basic medical care for all citizens and Permanent Residents.


Canada has one of the strongest economies in the world and has a huge variety of career options for any immigrant who wants to start a new life in Canada. Canada is a forward thinking country and has opened its doors to +/-300,000 permanent resident applicants per year to ensure that its economy remains at its peak performance.

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